The British Columbia British Columbia Society of Electroneurophysiology Technologists is a professional non-profit association dedicated to fostering excellence in diagnostic electroneurophysiology, furthering education and providing a forum for discussion and interaction.

What's New

The BCSET Fall Meeting was held on November 2, 2013 in Burnaby, BC.  Thank you to all participants! 

The BCSET Spring Meeting will be held In March 2014 in conjunction with Neuroscience Day in Vancouver, BC.  Details to follow.  Hope to see you there!

Check out the aricle on Autism Spectrum Disorders under the Education Tab.  BCSET has been given persmission to post the article from one of the BCIT Electroneurophysiology students. 

BCSET has been given permission by ASET to post one of their articles on The Generation of Brain Waves.  Check it out under the Education Tab.

New Job Ad for the Vancouver General Hospital.  Check it out under the Announcements, Job Postings tab.

The CAET website has been undated.  Check it out at

Past CAET conference sites for interest:

2013 - Montreal
2012 - Ottawa
2011 - Vancouver
2010 - Quebec City
2009 - Halifax
2008 - Victoria
2007 - Edmonton
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2005 - Ottawa
2004 - Calgary
2003 - Washington, DC
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2001 - Halifax
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1998 - Montreal
1997 - Saskatoon
1996 - London
1995 - Washington, DC

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